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Parents like us, who have succeeded in life financially, realize at one point that they have to educate their children with reference to finances. And this is not easy at all. It takes a lot of time and a lot of resources to get prepared for educating them on this difficult subject: money.

Unfortunately, the education system is outdated and does not educate our children for the actual world we live in. The system wants to create good people for 9 to 5 jobs, but not successful people. School can not ensure a child’s happiness when he or she becomes an adult.

The greatest School drawback refers to financial education. It is completely lacking. The school educates future poor people. The school will never teach our children saving, investing or building businesses. And this is a big problem to be solved. Our children must receive money education in order to be trained for the future. This is why we have to take their financial education into our hands.

Don’t you often wonder what will happen to your children when they grow up? Will they be prepared or not to manage their money, not to lose the family's money accumulated with hard work? Will they be rich and happy? And the most important question you probably have: Do I have what it takes to educate him or her well enough?

We know what you feel and our strong belief is that the more financially educated children we have, the happier they will be, and humanity will progress. All children should be financially literate. Preparing our children financially means educating a prosperous future generation, it is our duty to do so, isn’t it?

You know you have to intervene and give the right financial education your child needs. But whenever you try to do that, you think you do not have the necessary training or time. We know what you feel because we've also been looking for different schools, courses, and solutions to save our children's money education, but we have not found it. In the end, we have decided that we must address this issue, the same as you have decided since you are here.

We are in this together!

So far, we have helped thousands of parents, and 89% of our customers who used at least one of our products say it helped them a lot or at a big extent, according to an anonymous poll made early in 2019. And you can be as well one of those parents who can offer a prosperous future for their children with our support.

The Money Iceberg Method to Children Financial Education

Initially, the child's financial education may seem simple, but this is just an illusion. The most important things you need to know about this subject are not on the surface. Like an iceberg, you only see its tip, but that's just about 10 percent. 90% of the iceberg and the most important child education principles are underwater and you need someone to show them to you. Only in this way you can prepare your child for the real life.

We will help you save time and do a good job in the matter of child financial education. It would take you a lifetime to uncover the secrets hidden in those 90% of the iceberg. The only thing to do is to follow our Facebook and Instagram posts and as well as follow our advice.

There are a few principles of financial education that underlie your child's happiness. We will help you to raise your baby in accordance with them. We will assist you in using such  sophisticated tools as delayed gratification, learning by playing, mindseting, but also the more familiar ones like: planning, earning, spending, saving, investing.

Still, we will do it not by theory, but by concrete examples that are very simple to understand and that you can use in your everyday life. We'll teach you little tricks like what you have to tell the child when you go to the grocery store or McDonalds. Or, more important things like the “allowance” the child needs and how to budget his or her own expenses. And how  the child needs to start a business concretely or invest in a scholarship. You will always get access to this precious information without charge. With us you save both time and money.

You have nothing to lose if you follow us. And if you do not like our advice, you can always press “unfollow”. If you see that your child does not manage to carry out the tasks that come from us, you are there, and you can always stop them. And very important, many of these things will be done through board games and other fun activities for you and your child. In this way, you and your child will have fun, prepare him/her for the real life, at the same time, setting the foundation for an education that will bring his/her guaranteed success. As for any product purchased from us, you have a one year 300% guarantee: if you think it didn't help your kid, you can get your money back, keep the product and order a new one for the same value on our site for free.

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Providing adequate financial education can be difficult especially because of the lack of time and having to keep up in this fast-paced world. When you follow us, you don't need to think anymore that your legacy will be lost in the second generation as 80% of American fortunes are. Just because money may rob your children of ambition or mess them up by giving them a sense of entitlement, it doesn't mean it should happen to your kid. As they get older, many children of privilege take either too many risks, because they know the consequences of failure are minimal or lacking the sense of empathy when their parents donate to charity. You can avoid this. Just follow our advice.

You will learn how to provide the financial education needed to make your child wealthy and happy, and you to be the best parent in the world. Because here at Money Iceberg we believe you have what it takes. Together, we can form a generation of financially prepared children to conquer the world.

We know that early financial education is very important for your child's future happiness. Wealthy parents like you must give great importance to money education. Financial literacy is vital to our children. But until now you were not sure how you would handle this job. You don't have to be unsure anymore. Now you will be an excellent parent, you'll know how to educate your children and you'll set the foundation for a prosperous future for them.

Money Iceberg congratulates you on that! Also you need to know we believe all information should be free for all the people and the Money Iceberg financial education tips will always stay free, no matter what!

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